Confidence 101 | Athlete workshop

Level-up your sport confidence

In this micro-workshop you'll develop the practical knowledge and tools to level-up your sport confidence.


Development stage

13-21 years

Training duration

 60 mins

Expert Trainers

Dr. Andrew Mills
Prof. Joanne Butt

Training units


Training cost


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Workshop overview

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 What's included in this micro-workshop

10 bite-sized training units

Our unique microlearning approach keeps trainees engaged and dialled-in with short, laser-focused training units

World-class instruction

The training is delivered by world-leading experts in performance psychology and strengths-based talent development

3 interactive training exercises

Trainees engage in reflective training exercises  & discover their unique sources of confidence profile

Custom GROWTH plan

Trainees develop a personal GROWTH plan to help guide development of their sport confidence post-workshop

Evidence-based strategies & tools

Trainees learn the same practical, evidence-based strategies and tools that we use with elite athletes in their mental training

Personalised 1-1 feedback & support

Each trainee receives expert feedback on their custom plan & receives real-time support during the workshop

Workshop outline

Developed and delivered by world-class trainers in performance psychology, this research-based micro-workshop comprises 3 key parts.