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Personalised mental strength training for athletes

Work 1-1 with our world-class trainers to level-up your mental game and make it a powerful source of competitive advantage.

Discover, build and activate your...

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Underpinned by our cutting-edge research & consultancy in elite sport we provide high-impact online training that empowers developing athletes to level-up their mental game. Delivered via 1-1 online training sessions we guide athletes through 3 key steps.

Step 1: Discover

Athletes discover the mental strengths that support optimal development & performance

Step 2: Build

Athletes develop the knowledge & tools to build these strengths via practical, evidence-based strategies

Step 3: Activate

Athletes learn how to activate these strengths in combination at the right time to optimise their performance

 What's included in our personalised training

Check out some of the key features of our 1-1 eTraining sessions  

World-class trainers

Our 1-1 training sessions are delivered by world-class practitioners in  performance psychology and talent development

Custom GROWTH plan

Each athlete receives a custom GROWTH plan tailored to their unique strengths profile, development needs & goals

Strengths profiling

We identify and review each athletes unique mental strengths profile which forms the basis for their personalised training plan

Practical psychology

No fluff or fancy jargon. All our training is hands-on, practical knowledge that can be put into practice from the get-go

Best-practice strategies

Our training utilises the same highly effective strength-building strategies we use in our work with elite athletes


All our training is underpinned by our own cutting-edge research in performance psychology and talent development

How it works

How we level-up your mental game in a few simple steps

Step 1. FREE discovery chat 

In this 30 min zoom call you'll discover how our training can optimise your development & performance & learn more about our flexible training options

Step 2. Initial session

In the initial session we review your unique strengths profile & develop a custom GROWTH plan based on your specific development needs & goals

Step 3.  Implement GROWTH plan

In subsequent 1-1 training sessions our world-class trainers work through your GROWTH plan to level-up your mental game & help you achieve your goals

Meet the expert trainers for your 1-1 sessions

To provide world-class training & professional development we believe it’s crucial that our trainers are world-class educators & practitioners.

Dr. Andrew Mills PhD, MSc, C.Psychol

Performance psychologist,  associate lecturer,  talent development consultant, researcher, journal reviewer, PhD external advisor, published author, workshop facilitator, mental strengths trainer
co-founder model athlete, Liverpool John Moores University
Before starting ModelAthlete® based on his doctoral research Andrew worked as a lecturer, researcher and sport psychology consultant at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Sport & Exercise Science (CSES) in the UK. Holding an MSc and PhD in sport & performance psychology, Andrew is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and has over 10 years teaching and applied experience. He has carried out research and consultancy with athletes, coaches and sport parents from a wide-range of elite sport organisations. He also contributes to Liverpool John Moores University's MSc Sport Psychology programme. Andrew’s research focuses on the individual and environmental strengths that interact to underpin optimal performance and development. As an athlete, Andrew played football at the elite youth academy level in the UK and also played and coached in the Victorian State League in Australia.

Prof. Joanne Butt PhD, MSc, C.Psychol

Professor of sport psychology, performance psychologist, talent development consultant, researcher, published author, PhD supervisor, journal editor, workshop facilitator, mental strengths trainer
Professor of sport psychology, liverpool john moores university, uk
Joanne currently works as a Professor of Sport Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University’s internationally renowned School of Sport & Exercise Sciences. Joanne completed her MSc and PhD at Miami University and is a chartered sport and exercise psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS). With over 20 years teaching and applied experience, Joanne has delivered sport and performance psychology support to a wide-range of elite athletes and teams across a variety of levels including Team GB Olympians and English Institute of Sport developing athletes. Joanne's research focuses on the key psychological constructs that impact on athletes’ and coaches’ development and performances. As an athlete Joanne played field hockey for Wales and has also coached hockey at high school and state level in the US. 

You’re in elite company

Our world-class trainers have worked with a wide-range of elite sport organisations. Working with us means you receive the same mental strength training that we provide to elite athletes. 

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Our range of flexible payment options make it easier for all athletes to level-up their mental game.

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