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World-class development experiences for athletes

Underpinned by our performance psychology research in elite sport we provide high-impact eTraining that empowers developing athletes to level-up their mental game. Delivered as virtual, on-demand, interactive workshops we guide trainees through 3 key steps.

Step 1: Discover

Athletes discover the mental strengths that support optimal performance and development

Step 2: Build

Athletes develop the knowledge & tools to build these strengths via practical, evidence-based strategies

Step 3: Activate

Athletes learn how to activate these strengths in combination at the right time to optimise their performance

Discover, build and activate your

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What makes us different class

Key benefits of our eTraining

We adopt a world-class mentality to deliver world-class development experiences for young athletes.


All our training is underpinned by our own cutting-edge performance psychology research in elite sport.

Microlearning approach

Training efficiency is crucial. Our micro-workshops enable trainees to level-up their mental game in the shortest possible time.

Practical psychology

No fluff or fancy jargon. All our training is hands-on, practical knowledge that can be put into practice from the get-go.

World-class education

Our workshops are developed & delivered in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University's School of Sport & Exercise Science.

Best-practice driven

Our eTraining utilises the same highly effective strength-building strategies we use with elite athletes & coaches.

Flexible training

Our on-demand, self-paced workshops enable trainees to have full control of when and how much they train in any given session.

World-class training from world-leading experts

To provide world-class training and professional development we believe it’s key that our trainers are world-leading practitioners.

You’re in elite company

Our expert trainers have worked with a wide-range of elite sport and educational organisations.

Ready to start developing your...

#confidence| #coachability| #courage| #self-awareness| #purpose| #adaptability| #perseverance| #optimism| #dependability| #passion| #self-regulation| #equanimity| #humility| #accountability#self-efficacy| 

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Discover your strengths | Build your strengths | Activate your strengths

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